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Joe – The Ultimate Rock Fan

Hello Music Lovers, My name is Joe Wright. Creator/founder of Northern Pirate Radio.
Since I was about 7 years old, I have been listening to local radio stations and just listening intently to the music. Ever since I was a young boy, I had a hard time sleeping at night, so I would quietly stay up and listen to the radio through headphones. Since I was quiet doing this, My parents did not mind it. My Dad had given me an old radio that he had used in his college days. It was a bit funny looking and had an old fashioned dial that glowed green in the dark.
Many nights I would stay up and listen music on this old glowing green radio.

I found myself listening to the radio more and more and losing myself in the music. I was beginning to feel like I knew more about music than the average person out there. I did not find it weird that while others were out and about and playing sports and going on trips and such, I was at home and listened to the radio to fill all my spare time. As I got older, I continued to listen to the radio far into the night.

Old Radios turned into newer radios, that turned into CD players. I had some friends in high school who were very into the 80’s and 90’s grunge and hard rock/metal scene. Through these friends and listening to the radio, I began to amass my own list of favorite music and bands in my head. At the top of my favorites list was the song ‘what’s the Frequency Kenneth’ -R.E.M…
I loved that song and album so much, I had actually bought the C.D. before I had anything to play it on. I had no CD Player at home.
2 Days later I came home from school to be surprised by my parents with a used CD player from a second hand store in town. I went to my room straight away and pulled out the CD I had bought days earlier and if you could have worn a hole in a CD, I would have worn a hole in that one.

As my CD collection began to grow (in the 90’s) My love for the music of the era and decade began to grow immensely without me even knowing how much. Many of the songs you hear on Northern Pirate Radio actually come from CD’s I had collected in My High School days way back when. I came to later be in rock bands and play the songs from the radio and time period.
I had clearly found my love of music and found my love for the era of grunge music.

As life moved on, Friends and colleagues went their separate ways to carve out a path in life. I still loved my music. Being in Bands was not all it had cracked up to be for me. As time went on, I found myself driving alone in my car and listening to the radio as I always had for many years. I always thought I could do radio and be one of the voices you hear over the radio waves… I always knew I could do it, but never had anyone but myself push me towards a career in radio.

A few years ago, A close friend of mine decided to do what he always wanted to do. Be a Doctor. He applied and got 400,000 dollars to go to med school. That was inspiring to me. I felt it was now time to go out and pursue what I have always wanted to do. I went to the local college and was accepted into the media program. I just needed a school loan from the bank and I was all set. I had the support of people around me and the program directors were excited to have me. The ladies at the back were happy for me and couldn’t see a problem. The paperwork was sent away from the bank, and I awaited word.

I got a call to come in and I was still excited. I sat down in the loan officers office and the lady said. Sorry, you were denied the loan. My friend could get 400 thousand dollars to go do what he wanted to do, but I couldn’t get 13 thousand to do what I wanted to do. I had to make the long drive up to the college and tell them I would not be attending because my funding was not there.

On the drive home, I felt lower than I had been in years. I was very hurt and felt life was unfair. I almost cried. I was about half way home when I got an overwhelming feeling inside. A feeling like my little boy self from elementary school all those years ago was telling me, ‘ Just do it anyway’. I felt, “yeah, I’m going to stick it to the man and just go out and do what I want to do anyway”!! I can ask a few questions, buy a microphone from the store, and go online and set up and be my own thing.

I went home with new determination and drive. I bought a Microphone, got online and Northern Pirate Radio was then born. I wanted to play all my favorites from the past and play music from new bands who are trying to make a name for themselves. Play hidden gems I find in the music world, and help musicians out along the way. So far, the ride and music and people have been every bit as awesome as I anticipated. I am now doing what I have always wanted to do and have the music and musicians to thank for all my success.

You can find many of my current favourite discoveries by clicking here.

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