Lethbridge Fall Metal Bash

The Show

Northern Pirate Radio’s Metal Music Bash featuring 3 great Southern Alberta bands.. Syryn, Divide and Conquer, Nyghtblead, and Eons of Earth. Oct. 11th at the Slice in Lethbridge. Tickets 10 Bucks and can be purchased at the Slice or at Street Legal Records.

The Bands

Syryn – visit website

Calgary based metal band combining the roots of Blues, the domination of Power Metal and the rapid shreds of Thrash. SYRYN will seduce and entice you with mysterious and menacing melodies, captivating vocals and swift drum attacks. In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

Divide and Conquer – visit website

Lethbridge hard rock and heavy metal band. face melting, fireball drinking, kick ass motherfuckers!

Eons of Earth – visit website

Eons Of Earth is a Hard Rock/Metal band from Taber, Alberta Canada. The three peice band consists of Brandon Gregus on guitar/vocals, Shane Brandics on bass guitar, and Alex Mcormick on drums. Eons Of Earth with heavy distortion, powerful chords and fast to melodic metal style guitar solos. The clean and rough high vocals makes for a classic rock type atmosphere. The smooth all over the neck bass lines often switch to harmonys with the guitar riffs and can also be heard playing punchy heavy bass chords. The drums have a swing/jazz type of feel played hard to make a smashy rock sound, and are often heard playing hard hitting heavy tom work. The band writes the music together to create a unique balance between Metal and Classic Rock sound.

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